New Diagnosis?

Whether your first feeling to surface after your child’s autism diagnosis is panic or relief, chances are your first question will be “now what?” From one parent to another, here are some suggested first steps for parents:

Contact the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

They will help you get set up your Autism Funding and can familiarize you with other programs that may be available to your family.

Bring your official diagnosis report to your school resource teacher.

They will need to have a copy on file in order to set up school-based supports for your child (like a CEA, speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy) and to start an Individualized Education Plan for your child.

Compile a list of the challenges you, your child and your family are facing right now.

  • Identify a few of the most important or most challenging.
  • Start the search for information and therapies related to these challenges.

Search for information & support.

Get connected with other families.

Sometimes the thing that helps the most is to realize that you and your family are not alone. Meeting someone whose response is “Oh, sure, my child does that too!” often goes a long way to helping us cope with the road ahead. Connect with us on Facebook to get involved in our online community.

Apply for the Disability Child Tax Credit.

Visit the following helpful web site.

  • 100 Day Tool Kit from Autism Speaks
    The road ahead will be bumpy. There will be times when your progress stalls or takes an unexpected turn. When it does, try to remind yourself that these are speed bumps, not roadblocks. Take them one at a time. It is important that you start now. There are a variety of services available to treat and educate your child.